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By Phillip Khan-Panni

With examples and speech feedback, this booklet presents a template for buying your aspect throughout in exactly a minute. the writer indicates the reader find out how to clear out info and current evidence successfully.

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If you say or do anything that causes your listeners to drift into Track 350, you have less chance of persuading them to your point of view. And if you go on rather long, they are certain to take refuge in Track 350, because it’s less uncomfortable there, and they don’t have to endorse what you are saying. In a productive dialogue, there is an exchange of views. While you are speaking, your listener adopts one of six typical stances: 1. agreeing with you and having his or her own point of view confirmed 2.

44 Don’t be Boring Let me now confess that I was once a story capper myself. In my mind I thought I was adding value to the other person’s story, moving the narrative along with my own contribution. It took a friend with sufficient nerve to tell me the truth when I wondered why people would move away once I had joined the conversation. ‘It must be because of the way you cap their stories,’ she said. I had no idea I’d been giving offence. Similarly, when I have told others that they were capping stories, like me they had thought they’d simply been adding to the stories of others.

You have to assume that your friend has been blind since birth and has never before encountered the object you are describing. Your friend must challenge you on anything you say that he or she cannot be expected to understand, as someone who has never been able to see. 55 2-4-6-8 How do you Communicate? Now get your friend to draw what you described, based entirely on your description. A good idea would be to switch on a tape recorder as you describe the object, and rely on the recording alone to assist your friend in completing the drawing.

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