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At this point, it would be worthwhile trying to get a clear picture of the story that underpins the opening chapters. ● ● ● ‘Describing’ is how humans make sense of their world; words and numbers are both useful tools for creating descriptions that others can share. Describing was the theme of Chapter 1. Sometimes it is useful to describe things not just singly but in groups or batches, which requires the collection of ‘data’ and the subsequent summarising of such data sets. Data are the building bricks of statistics.

They found that when they praised their performance after a mission, the trainees tended to perform worse on the subsequent mission. It was therefore recommended to the officers that they should criticise the trainees when they flew badly, but not praise them if they flew well. What alternative explanations can you think of for the findings of this study? Establishing Cause and Effect This section has looked at the dangers of inferring a cause-and-effect relationship where none exists. The key point is that just because a statistical relationship can be observed between two variables, this does not prove that one has caused the other.

Is this a relative or an absolute figure? (c) By means of a suitable calculation, check if these two figures are mutually consistent. Although it is not suggested that all statistical work be conducted as part of a statistical investigation, nevertheless an investigation is an excellent vehicle for teaching statistics that will develop useful skills in a motivating way. The defining characteristic of an investigation is that it is based on a question that learners want to answer. Practising statistical computations without relating them to a question is like practising scales on a piano but never playing a tune, or learning how to trap, head and pass a soccer ball but never getting to play a game.

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