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By Dr. Max and David Hooper Euwe

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5. KKt7KtKt4 5 . KKt6 KtQ3, or 5, KKt6 KiBl cb. 6. KKt7 KtQ3 ch. , Kt-R5 3 P-,-,R5 ~t ,,,,,,,,~4 The key square, from which the knight threatens to get on to the abovementioned circuit in thrw diKe~ent wys: KtQ3; ... KtK2-QBl; or ... KtQs-Q~t4. 4 K-I36 Kt-QS ch. pawns, and if his ~ r ~ i i r vyr i r a is ~-camnabfy welt placed, as here, where the kni&t effectively operates from behind the pawns. I R-Q6 White tria to hold OR Black's king. If I K- B4 2. P-85 KtKt5 &. 3. K-Q6 (3. KKtS RtQ5 ch 5. KKt6 KK4 6, PB6 ICtK3, or 3.

BH7 HR5 17. HK6. --K4 18 S Q 7 . y. KRP), then Whits wins mom amity. In the general case with disunited pawns Black will be forced to block one with his king and ihc other with his piace. Whitc takes his king over towards the enemy piece, whrch usually has to bc sacr~ficedfor the pawn it blocks. 140 Tairnmv v, Spassky, k n k - &, 1952. T k defender usually bses MINOR PIECE A N D P A W 1 K-BS K-K2 2 K-Kt6 K-B; v. 3 K-R7 K-I32 4 P-KtS b B 6 If 4.. BQ3 5 . PR5 BR5 g & kiog cannot block the pawns, but an ingenious counter-auack.

K~s 19 IS--B6 K-R6 If 19... KR6 20. RRS KK6 21, KK5 KQ6 22. KQS. Kt4 39 B-Kt6 K- K-B6 41 &BS 42 a,,,,-K3 43 B--BI 4 %Kt2 45 K-KtS. and both playcrs qumn. K K t l ? lose) 2. K,,,,,,,,K16K-Kt1 3. Kt-Kt4 K-RI, as in the first variation. ms-,,,ircannot lose a move. With the kings and the KRP as diograrnn1~4Rlack draws if his pawn i s on ils vile of tho following squares: QR6 (as shown), QR7 QKt7 0 7 , KB7, KK16, RKt7, or KR7, and if it is blocked by a knight. ,,,,,. $0 P-R7, 6. MINOR PIECE AND PAWN Y.

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