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Promotional info/Publisher's precis - "The usa has lengthy been defined as a kingdom of immigrants, however it is additionally a state of religions during which Muslims and Methodists, Buddhists and Baptists stay and paintings part via part. This e-book explores that country of religions, targeting how 4 lately arrived spiritual communities--Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, and Sikhs--are shaping and, in flip, formed by way of American values.

For a iteration, students were documenting how the landmark laws that loosened immigration regulations in 1965 catalyzed the improvement of the U.S. as "a kingdom of Buddhists, Confucianists, and Taoists, in addition to Christians," as perfect courtroom Justice Tom Clark placed it. The participants to this quantity take U.S. spiritual range no longer as a proposition to be proved yet because the truism it has turn into. Essays tackle no longer no matter if the USA is a Christian or a multireligious nation--clearly, it's both--but how spiritual variety is altering the general public values, rites, and associations of the country and the way these values, rites, and associations are affecting religions centuries outdated but really new in the USA. This dialog makes a major contribution to the intensifying public debate concerning the applicable position of faith in American politics and society.

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Increased scrutiny may spur the community to greater accommodation with the mainstream. Muslims’ involvement in politics and engagement in the noisy process of negotiating their rightful place in America are bringing into being an American Muslim community at home with the patriotic symbols and myths of other Americans. Commitment to political involvement has necessarily entailed both accepting an American identity and engaging in certain public acts of loyalty to American society. S. citizen. Such acts of engagement entail crossing the Rubicon of accommodating an American identity and appropriating the ideals of American civic piety.

S. ’’≤∂ Another prominent Muslim leader, Hamza Yusuf, has announced that he will drop any strident criticism of America and will focus more on a message of love and conciliation. At the 2002 Annual Convention of the Islamic Society of North America, which was attended by thirty thousand Muslims, American flags were prominently displayed on the platform for the first time in the organization’s history. During a commemoration of the first anniversary of 9/11 in Toledo, Ohio, a young Muslim girl wearing the hijab (head scarf ) sang the national anthem.

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