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July 'The English Admirals' in Cornhill. 11 (Thurs) Leaves Paris for Grez. At the end of the month Fanny Osbourne and her children come to London to make preparations for their return to America. August 1 (Thurs)-12 In lodgings at Radnor Street, Chelsea, with Fanny and her children. 15 Fanny Osbourne departs for the United States (her husband had demanded her return). RLS then returns to Paris en route for the Cevennes. While in Paris works on the essays later collected as EPN. 28 Arrives at Le Puy, Haute Loire, in the South of France.

October 11 (Wed) Arrives in Paris on his way home. 16 RLS arrives home after his journey to Belgium and France. He at once resumes work on essays including 'Some Portraits by Raeburn' and 'On Falling in Love'. At the end of the month Fanny Osbourne returns to Paris with her children Isobel and Lloyd and takes an apartment in Montmartre. November Finishes writing essay 'On Falling in Love', later included in VP, and works on a short story 'The Devil on Cramond Sands'. His essay 'Some Portraits by Raeburn' is rejected by Cornhill.

4? Begins work on short story, 'Olalla'. 7 Dines with William Archer. ' December 17 (Thurs) Publication of 'Olalla' in Court and Society Review. 18-22 Henley stays at Skerryvore. 21 RLS and Henley draft the outline of a play, The King's Rubies. 1886 January During this month he resumes work on Kidnapped. 1 (Fri) Writes to Katharine de Mattos (his cousin) to tell her he is dedicating JH to her. ' 9 Publication of JH. ) 27 Tells his father T am at David again [Kidnapped], and have just murdered James Stewart semi-historically.

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