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Photo © Michiel Abeln. Lazaro Bruzon against Nigel Short started as a very solid Queens Gambit, but still Bruzon managed to put Short under pressure and after some inaccuracies Short was forced to sacrifice an exchange. He did have compensation for this, but whether it was enough did not become clear during the analysis. In time trouble Short made a mistake and soon he had to resign. Peter Svidler vs. Ruslan Ponomariov. Photo © Mark Crowther Peter Svidler against Ruslan Ponomariov was a strange Sicilian that led to a well known position in which black had the extra move h6.

H4 1/2-1/2 Ivan Sokolov and Loek van Wely. Photo © Michiel Abeln Ivan Sokolov against Loek Van Wely was a Qc2 Nimzo Indian in which Van Wely had prepared a specific line that he had witnessed during a recent Dutch club match. The preparation delivered a quick draw. Vesselin Topalov waiting for Alexander Grischuk. Photo © Michiel Ablen Vesselin Topalov put Alexander Grischuk under a lot of pressure in round 5. html (9 of 10)07/02/05 20:12:17 Corus Wijk aan Zee 2005 Round 5 Report moves) but somehow he held his position together and after first time control it was clear the position was drawn.

Vishy says that Grischuk simply uses too much time and gets into serious time trouble after always starting the game late. So this time when Grischuk showed up after 15 minutes, he had actually only lost 5 minutes! Bb5 Nf6 17. Qa4 Sokolov has reached this position twice before, although quite some time ago. h3 Qg6 22. Rf1 Nd5 33. Be3 Qe5 35. f3 a6 White has a small advantage, his pieces are a bit more active and he has a bit more space. Qa4+ Qb5 30. Bg3 Rc1 40. Rf5 c4 Time trouble is over and Sokolov is a pawn up, not winning yet, but good chances.

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