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What at first me during this publication used to be its promise to teach the reader the best way to use Excel for statistical research. during this appreciate, the booklet didn't disappoint. What did disappoint, despite the fact that, used to be how little complicated statistical research you can still do with Excel. if you are new to stats as i used to be, this can come as a shock. in the event you imagine Excel is pretty much as good because it will get for statistical research, good, you are flawed. that is the place the ebook veers into Minitab.

Minitab is natural statistical software program. It appears much like Excel, yet is far extra robust the place statistical research is anxious. that will do complicated statistics, then you definately have to put money into whatever like Minitab. There are different strategies, corresponding to R, SAS, Matlab, and so on. yet this booklet chooses to target Minitab, most likely as a result of its common interface and comparatively low buy expense ($100).

I went forward and took the plunge and bought a duplicate of Minitab. This selection made the booklet even more invaluable to me. As you get deeper into the booklet, some of the diverse research forms can merely be performed (easily) with really expert software program comparable to Minitab.

I accomplished the examples and routines from begin to end and located the publication to be very academic. You perform the research, why you are going to are looking to do it, and the way to interpret the consequences. What you aren't getting is mathematical justification for the research strategies. whereas this may be great to have, i will see the way it might heavily sidetrack the focal point of this publication (and triple its size). so that you can be aware of, say, why a number of Regression works or the speculation in the back of ANOVA tables, then purchase a textbook or return to varsity. but when you need to easily how one can practice statistical research utilizing Minitab and Excel, it is a nice booklet to begin with.

One complaint/suggestion: it'd be great if the writer supplied a significant other site for the ebook the place the reader may possibly obtain the instance and workout information units. for you to stick to besides an instance or practice an workout, you'll want to manually input the information. To his credits, the writer retains many of the facts units small and attainable, yet there are a number of which are too unwieldy for handbook access. that is the reason for four stars rather than 5.

A ultimate remark: i purchased this e-book in the summertime of 2008 to paintings via in guidance for beginning a graduate application in information. I had no delusions it'll positioned me prior to my classmates or provide me an side. i used to be simply trying to find a few publicity to complicated issues. After my first semester, during which I more often than not studied linear types, I revisted the booklet and located it to be much more priceless. the place my graduate college sessions fascinated by mathematical motivation of study, this ebook is set software and interpretation of research. Re-reading it after a few graduate paintings helped pull jointly a few of the significant issues of statistical research and gave a lot wanted that means and context to what I had simply learned.

If you are desirous about complex statistical research and keen to drop $100 on Minitab, then I hugely suggest this booklet.

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The age at first marriage for 50 males and 50 females is given in Table 1-1. The samples were chosen independently of one another. The Excel solution is shown in Fig. 1-6. The data is entered into columns A and B. The computation of the test statistic is shown, followed by the computation of the p-value. 0000000014799 indicates that the null hypothesis would be rejected. CHAPTER 1 Two-Sample Inferences 39 Fig. 1-5. Table 1-1 Age at first marriage for 50 males and 50 females. Males Females 38 34 30 25 36 23 30 27 34 23 32 25 30 26 31 25 17 23 27 24 21 30 28 30 31 23 22 26 29 25 32 29 31 27 29 28 26 27 25 23 33 32 31 31 35 23 26 23 26 21 31 30 36 31 30 22 24 24 23 23 32 30 29 31 25 31 26 23 21 25 30 32 32 29 32 26 25 22 22 25 28 33 31 31 33 24 19 28 27 23 27 30 23 33 26 24 23 22 20 27 40 CHAPTER 1 Two-Sample Inferences Fig.

1-9. Fig. 1-10. 43 44 CHAPTER 1 Two-Sample Inferences SOLUTION The Excel solution is shown in Figs. 1-8 through 1-10. The pull-down Tools ) Data Analysis gives the dialog box shown in Fig. 1-8. The Excel dialog box for t-Test: Paired Two Sample for Means is filled as shown in Fig. 1-9. The output is shown in Fig. 1-10. The one-tailed p-value is given on row 11 of Fig. 1-10. 43. 43 and the null hypothesis that the mean loss is 10 pounds or less could not be rejected. 1-4 Comparing Two Population Percents: Independent Samples Purpose of the test: The purpose of the test is to compare two populations with respect to the percent in the populations having a particular characteristic.

If n1 p^1 ! 5, n1 ð1 À p^1 Þ ! 5, n2 p^2 ! 5, and n2 ð1 À p^2 Þ ! 5. EXAMPLE 1-6 Suppose we are interested in determining whether the percent of female Internet users who have visited a chat room is different from the percent of male Internet users who have visited a chat room. Two hundred female and two hundred male Internet users are asked if they have visited a chat room. It is found that 67 of the females and 45 of the males have done so. Our research hypothesis is stated as Ha: Pmale 6¼ Pfemale.

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