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By Robert L. Goldstein, Richard T. Cotton

Aerobics teacher guide: The source for crew health teachers.

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ATP can be resynthesized in several waysimmediately with the phosphagen system, somewhat more slowly with the anaerobic production of ATP from carbohydrate, or still more slowly with the aerobic production of ATP from either carbohydrate or fat. The Phosphagen System. Creatine phosphate (CP) is another high-energy phosphate compound found in close association with ATP. Together, these compounds are referred to as the phosphagens. When the high-energy phosphate bond in CP is broken down, the released energy is immediately used to resynthesize ATP from the available products of ATP breakdown.

Sports/entertainment attorney; director of operations for the Major League Baseball Players Alumni Association; author of The Legal Aspects of Personal Fitness Training and various sports/fitness law articles; lecturer on various sports/fitness law topics. S. Founder and director of Sasha & CompanyThe Workout Studio, Denver, Colorado and Professional Fitness Instructor Training, one of the first instructor training schools accredited by the American Council on Exercise; United States head judge, National Aerobic Championships; World Aerobic Championships judge; ACE Aerobics Certification Examination Committee member.

Muscular strength, muscular endurance and flexibility can be altered with regular exercise if some basic principles are applied. Consider how the principle of specificity applies to these three components of physical fitness. Muscular Strength. Muscular strength refers to the maximal tension or force produced by a muscle or muscle group. Strength is usually measured by determining how much weight can be lifted in a single effort. , dynamometers, Hydra-gym, Nautilus, Universal apparatus). Most often 1 RM tests are completed for the following muscle groups: (1) the bench press for the muscles of the chest and upper arms; (2) the arm curl for the muscles on the anterior aspect of the upper arms; and (3) the leg press for the muscles of the upper legs and hips.

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