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Simple and powerful-the Capablanca style. I t i s doubtful that Capablanca would have ventured on so wild-looking a King-side attack as did Alekhine, even if he were familiar with the AlekhineVidmar game. Both Capablanca and Atekhine were geniuses, but their techniques differed from each other as Each's differed from Beethoven's. I t i s we who are fortunate enough to enjoy their wondrous though different creations. ' \t i s significant t h a t a great master can foresee that a game is last at a point where ordinary mortals (such as you or I)view i t , as being in the opening stages.

Or if 1 7 . . Qc7-c8 18 Nd5xf6 Kg7xf6 19 f4xe5+ Kf6-e7 20 e5xd6+ Rd8xd6 21 Qe3-c5 Rf8-d8 22 e4-e5 and Black must give up his Knight. 18 e4xd5 Nc6-e7 Much better i s the aggressive 1 8 . . Nc6-b4, with a double attack on the d-Pawn by the Knights, and a double attack on the c-Pawn by Queen and Knight. The line that seems best for White is this: 19 f4xe5 d6xe5 20 d5-d6! Rd8xd6 2 1 Qe3xe5 Rf8-d8 (or 21 . . Rd6-c6 22 Qe5xc7 Rc6xc7 23 ~ 2 . ~with 3, honours even) 22 Nb3+d4,and the annoying threat of 23 Nd4-e6+ is hard to meet (to say nothing of 23 R f l x f 6 , or 23 g2-g4 and 24 g4-95).

35 e g 5 f6xg5 Defending the Pawn instead by the meek 35 . . Re7-f7 succumbs to 36 d3-d4, 37 R f I -f4, and 38 e4-e5. 36 Rf5xg5 Capabtanca says at this point that his chances of winning are excellent. He cites these advantages: (a) he has a passed Pawn, Ib) his King is in an ideal positionready to assist the Pawns in their march up the board, or if need be to occupy the dominating square c5, or if danger threatens, to shift to the King side, (c) he has a Rook commanding the open Bishop file. 36 ...

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