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By Richard L. Sites, Richard T. Witek

Alpha AXP structure Reference guide

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The displacement field is a byte offset. It is sign-extended and added to the contents of register Rb to form a virtual address. Overflow is ignored in this calculation. Instruction Formats (I) 3-9 The virtual address is used as a memory load/store address or a result value, depending on the specific instruction. 1 Memory Format Instructions with a Function Code Memory format instructions with a function code replace the memory displacement field in the memory instruction format with a function code that designates a set of miscellaneous instructions.

This is the contents of register Fa. Fbv The value of the floating point Fb operand. This is the contents of register Fb. 2 Instruction Operand Notation The notation used to describe instruction operands follows from the operand specifier notation used in the VAX Architecture Standard. Specifies the instruction field (Ra, Rb, Re, or disp) and register type of the operand (integer or floating). It can be one of the following: Name Meaning disp The displacement field of the instruction.

The form of a T_floating datum is sign magnitude with bit 63 the sign bit, bits <62:52> an excess-1023 binary exponent, and bits <51:0> a 52-bit fraction. The value (V) of a T_floating number is inferred from its constituent sign (S), exponent (E), and fraction (F) fields as follows: 1. If E=2047 and F o O , then V is NaN, regardless of S. 2. If E=2047 and F=0, then V = (-1)**S x Infinity. 3. F). 4. F). 5. If E=0 and F=0, then V = (-1)**S x 0 (zero). Floating-point operations on T_floating numbers may take an arithmetic exception for a variety of reasons, including invalid operations, overflow, underflow, division by zero, and inexact results.

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