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H4 With a firm grip on the center and all of his pieces developed, Karpov prepares to blow open the h-file. Qa3 Even though the White queen is temporarily out of play, she has done her job of restraining the Black c-pawn. Nd5!? A clever tactical trick based on the loose White knight on e4. The knight on b6 was passively placed and now Black will be able to exchange it for one of the White pieces that is about to participate in the assault on the Black king. e4 and White wins. Qxc3 h5, but the White knight on g5 would have a permanent home, and the pawn on h5 could be a target for a potential Be2xh5 piece sacrifice.

Bd2 Karpov places the bishop on d2, envisioning the b2-b4 and c4-c5 advance. This advance may be preceeded by Bd2-c3, which will place pressure on the Black e5 pawn. Kg7?! Qc8!? Kc2, White will of course gradually improve his position with a general advance on the queenside, b2-b4, Kc2-b3, a2-a4 etc. com/SmartChessOnline/SmartChessOnline/archive/Articles/ron.... 7/8/2004 SmartMoves Page 2 of 4 drawback of placing another Black pawn on the dark squares. Furthermore the b5 square is weakened and the White king would have possibilities of penetrating on the queenside in the later stages of the endgame.

In the case before us my passed pawn has advanced all the way to d2. As a passed pawn marches up the board, it increases in strength and value. Here I have only to overcome the resistance on d1 and my pawn will be promoted. This would virtually guarantee a decisive material advantage, or at minimum a winning king and pawn endgame. b) Superior king position. My king on b2 is clearly more active and is the aggressor. From here I am attacking the a2-pawn, or I can "touch" the White bishop on d1. By contrast the White king on d3 is merely a passive defender.

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