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Author's preface: "I have performed an incredible volume of event and fit video games in the course of my lengthy chess occupation, approximately 2,500 altogether. From these video games, i've got chosen simply 300 for this publication, - the video games I examine my top and such a lot instructive ones.

My aim was once to symbolize my most respected artistic achievements of the thirty years that experience handed, from 1966 until 1996. the choice used to be subordinated to the subsequent 3 standards: robust opponent, demanding struggle, and instructive price. as a result this choice of video games may be taken care of additionally as a contemporary chess guide booklet, as the video games have been performed as a rule within the most powerful occasions of the final thirty years.

Under one of these strict choice process, many attention-grabbing and instructive video games in addition to easily appealing fragments might have necessarily been lacking during this ebook, if the video games were integrated into it in basic terms totally. hence, the ultimate bankruptcy features a variety of my most sensible mixtures and finals that are crucial for attaining the abovementioned target; with out them, this paintings could were incomplete.

I nonetheless play much and nonetheless in achieving match successes, so it'd be untimely to simply accept this e-book as my ultimate account. I in actual fact wish to play a few solid video games in upcoming occasions and to elevate my very own account of event triumphs (I have over one hundred forty of them lately - greater than any participant in chess history). even though, such a lot of chessfriends had expressed their wish to have this publication without delay that i made a decision to arrange this type of an intermediate record on my 30 years in chess. permit studying this paintings convey you excitement and increase your realizing of chess internal good judgment, intensity and beauty."

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In a difficult position Black finds the best de­ fence. tfS 19 ... It was necessary to continue 1 9... td8, although after 20 a5 lDf8 2 1 l:[d3 Black's position is not the most pleasant. lbd8 20 fS 21 aS! ab8 is not so clear. lbc6 (D) 21 ... fxe6 22 e6! lbeS 23 f6! Defending against the unpleas­ ant threat of 24 f7+ and 25 tbg5. c t . xc7 w 24 . . cs 28 lbxf6+ is no good. xc7 l:[dS (D) w 27 h3! d1 + 28 � lbg4+. h6 27 ... He must not allow the knight to invade g5.

F . �g� . ;;;: � " � w Again White's knight is the key piece ! It contains the action of all the black pieces, and must be at­ tacked immediately. 29 f3 Forced, as otherwise the b2pawn will be lost. f8+ 29 30 �aS After a retreat to any other square the g4-bishop jumps aside with check and the g2-bishop is lost. d7! fl (or 3 1 lbe3), then 3 1 ... c5, and there is no way of saving White from mate by the rook. lJxe4 The Open Variation of the Span­ ish, one of the most popular open­ ings in both my matches with Korchnoi for the world chess crown.

Lbb3 ! xd2 :xd2 with an advantage for Black) 1 6 . . bxc6 1 7 e3 ! - the point! 17 . . lbb3 (White has removed the important knight, without drop­ ping his the queen: 1 7 . . xc3 2 1 bxc3 :xa2 22 d4 gives rise to an equal ending. It is not surprising that it took me an hour to decide between 1 3 . d7 and the move played in the game. 14 'ii'c2 The only move. e6, when the queen has no good square. 14 lbc3 is also weak in view of 14 ... d5 is answered by 15 ... lbd4 . 14 ... lbd4 Tatai - Karpov 43 15 ii'b1 fS e4 (D) 16 ltlc3 1 6 .

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